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Want to know ... . .

CSR concepts - Theories and dimensions - Its essentiality - Role in business - Sustainability

Business to society - Stakeholders - Be a part of inclusive growth

Issues and challenges. 


Want to learn, upgrade skill and training ... . .

Ways and methods of social skill development - Capacity building - Effective resource utilization

Stakeholders engagement  - Social entrepreneurship - Preservation - Mobilization 

Statutory compliance - International benchmarks.


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Confusion and doubts - Partner selection and engagement - Capacity building - Legal framework - PPP 

Project identification - Assessment  - Team building - Manpower requirement 

Impact study and evaluation - Reporting - Auditing

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Who we are...

ISSRC an organization of professionals committed to contribute, advice, guide, share knowledge, expertise & skills for corporate and social enterprise to innovate and incubate solutions for sustainable growth since 2011.

 With out-of-the-box thinking and solutions in the pursuit of excellence. En route we have grown steadily under the collective leadership of a team of highly experienced professionals. For us doing business has never been limited to lighting up bottom-lines by plugging problems and issues, it has in fact been all about tapping into opportunities through unorthodox ideas and delivering assured returns by actually enhancing our clients social business interests.


ISSRC as a global service provider driven by the objective of being an integrated solution provider for Social sector, CSR, R&R & NGO needs. our streamlined methodology and process driven approach inspires us to deliver solutions that are re-engineered to exceed clients expectations, creating framework of your responsibility, requirement and sustainability in accordance of ethics, mandate and benchmarks.


Services and Solution

Our services are aligned with social agenda, corporate needs, social enterprise development, government regulations & key stakeholders expectations.


When innovative ideas are being generated, the result is always more than just a positive response. What we do different from others is not just for cause but more important, is it sustainable for future generation and it impacts society in a positive way.


To translate an organizations policy into framework and framework into definite results, various social ideas get lost in the fog of procedure, tradition and straight-jacketed thinking many a time the cost cutting issues or cheating deadline also compromises the quality of solutions given or received.


Then what is the mantra to achieve and to guarantee sustained success, while being innovative and effective, in accordance with prescribed national mandate and international benchmarks?

looking back in time we find that there were a few remarkable instance of thinking-off-beat which revolutionized human thinking, innovations and progress – events highlighted the difference between ‘ just looking’ and ‘seeing differently’. A factor that has always inspired us in our approach to everything, we do as a team. And we are here to show you how unorthodox ideas can yield assured returns that far exceed whatever you’ve been achieving to this far.


Approach and Guiding Principles


We uses international Principles-Based Approach, aligned with national mandate, providing support to business organization, Corporations, NGOs and Social enterprise in adhering Ethics, CSR, Social Policy, Regulations, and Socio-economic development, with an aim to ease life of common people, society and ultimately the Nation.


To achieve this challenging & competitive objective in Indian scenario, we go through triple bottom line and 

Traingle of partnership i.e. Corporate + Government + Community.

With ability and the expertise to service clients from a wide range of industries, We take pride in providing high quality service and innovative solutions as our success story, which tells our energetic style, vibrancy and enthusiasm, as a result oriented organization, we flourishes on research, knowledge, creativity, advanced technology, talent, leadership and the ability to exceed the industry standards. This liveliness and vigor runs throughout the organization and provides leading edge that is required to deliver and succeed in social domain.


ISSRC has expanded to reach great heights under the leadership of highly experienced professionals dedicated to providing integrated solution and high return on investments to its clients. Having the best knowledgeable and workforce into these allied services, together with the fusion of a professional setup and streamlined work methodology, we deliver value for money, good quality exceptional cliental service and customized solutions. Our integrated solutions are tailor made to match our clients’ every need, work patterns and business culture. Our low-cost high-quality service offerings help our clients’ reduce costs as well as increase sustainability thereby enabling them to become more flexible robust and socially responsible.

“ In a free enterprise, the community is not just another stakeholder in business,

but is in fact the very purpose of its existence ’’—J N Tata

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