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Advisory service based on SWOT analysis

Through this module, ISSRC provides expert services for appropriate CSR aligned with business, community need and regulatory compliances of National & International benchmark. The days of philanthropy, charity, brand imaging had gone, now company needs compliance & fulfilment of stakeholder’s expectations.

Our approach is to build a road map for effective & efficient CSR through identifying societal need and means to achieve objectives with available & affordable company resources., to help in developing foresighted proactive strategy for tangible CSR initiatives to face challenges, save cost & time. Your need to develop CSR strategy, resource mobilization, tangible initiatives, implementation methodology & integration of programs with other development partners.

ISSRC advisory services will help in framing a methodology for Board approval & working of three men CSR Committee required by The Companies Act, 2013.

ISSRC services are innovative solution under one umbrella for diversified socio economic political culture. Our approaches are based on sound understanding of Indian social context.

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“Most of our troubles are due to poor implementation….

wrong priorities and unattainable targets” —J R D Tata

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