"Stakeholder Management & Social Responsibility"

Leverage to Business 

        30 - 31 May 2018 Vadodara, Gujarat


2 Day Management Development Program On CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility Integration, Innovation and Inclusive Growth.




Addressing Stakeholder Management practices and CSR approach in India. How to initiate programs for collective impact, with stakeholders engagement and identification of right partner.


The program objective is to understand the current scenario of CSR Practices and methodology after inclusion in The companies Act 2013. Breaking the myths, lore's and taboos of the much neglected sector, through the identification of a India specific Corporate Social Culture. Understanding the bottle neck issues during the approach to senior management of the organization or on the ground.


Stakeholder’s Mapping, engagement and management,Understanding the cross sector partnership with social bodies, their selection and evaluation of compatibility. Learning prerequisites for effective CSR and collective impact.

The training module is specially designed for companies to understand Stakeholder Management & Collective Impact approach in accordance with Sec-135 & Schedule-VII of The Companies Act, 2013 to strengthen Corporate and Business Houses coming within the ambit of the mandate. It will help corporate in proper utilization of resources in harnessing the opportunity to fulfill responsibility.


The program benefits NGOs and Social Enterprises to understand and improvise their ambit of approach in India to get collaboration in social business practices and deliver in accordance. Shaping the potential of Fresher's from managerial as well as social science streams to get the inside look in CSR practice and methods by orientation of their knowledge and skills towards business and inclusive growth.

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Benefits of the training and workshop delivered by ISSRC-CSR


For CSR executives & professionals

  • Taking your skills to next level.
  • Understand essentiality of CSR & expectations of organization with regulatory compliance.
  • Grooming of their knowledge and experience to create CSR framework, assist Board and provide requisite inputs to CSR committee for effective & efficient CSR for the Company.
  • Enhance their potential & skills to serve the demand of public & private sector for societal growth matching with business.
  • Gain knowledge of systematic process of planning, execution, reporting and communication of their companies’ CSR aligned with The Act.
  • Methodology of project identification, formulation, implementation and integration with other development projects under the ambit of schedule VII of The Act.
  • Know how to bridge the gap for inclusive growth and establish your corporate leadership & brand  Imaging.
  • Make out innovative social business initiatives within the regulatory framework based on available  resources matching with needs.
  • Supportive in designing policy, framework & accessing community  and business needs.
  • Responsibility of Board & Role of CSR committee.
  • Improving your organization’s CSR performance.


For NGO (Trust, Foundation, Society & Nonprofit company)

  • Know the ambit of CSR, National mandate, guidelines & Bench marking.
  • Role of NGO in achieving corporate goal to contribute for inclusive growth.
  • Sharpening their skills in presenting themselves.
  • To understand charity, philanthropy, responsibility & sustainability.
  • Gaining knowledge and insight about the future scope for corporate partnership.
  • How to use their strength in an effective way to solve complex corporate & social issues.
  • Help to develop skills, understanding and knowledge for effective cross-sector partnering.


For fresher student of social science and management

  • Orientation of their knowledge, understanding & managerial skills of socio economic development within the frame work of CSR.
  • Gets an opportunity to transform their knowledge & skills to work for business for inclusive growth.
  • Understand the requirement of CSR and stakeholder’s expectations from corporate.
  • Know the National mandate and guidelines for CSR bench marking.
  • Knowledge gained & oriented through this program will enhance their chance of employability in CSR sector.